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The former was sulky at this silence, but not disquieted; for, as he said, he knew where he could put the screw upon George, and only waited the result of that operation.
Tim Nicholls plan to let big overseas companies put the screws on local businesses is downright dangerous.
I do this on a scrap piece of metal drilled with a series of different size holes to put the screws in for heating to prevent them from rolling off, though you may secure them in any suitable manner.
He said, 'So you would have to nationalize the banking system because that is how ECB (European Central Bank) and the Germans and the Troika put the screws to Greece every time there is negotiations.
We focused on improving obvious things like the pencil holders, but we also paid attention to the smallest of details like where we put the screws.
Unless governments cut their deficits, the bond vigilantes will put the screws to them by forcing up interest rates.
We're not running out of oil and won't anytime soon, which is why the Saudis are helping put the screws to our domestic industry.
They came in, looked at our books, looked at everything and said, CyHere's some accounts we feel like we're going to regulate you on,' and they kind of put the screws to us on what we could and couldn't do type thing," a manager stated in the recording.
But Hawks defied those odds and, as Trojans fell apart, Maarten de Jonge and Simon Payne put the screws on the Trojans guards, and as shots missed at one end, they rained in at the other.
I THINK not, after the way this government has put the screws on the least able and vulnerable in society.
The scanner, which had quickly been placed around the woman on the operating table, instantly relayed live pictures on a large screen above her head so the surgeons could see where to put the screws.
The conventional wisdom following last month's midterm elections is that the rousing Republican victory would mean a more favorable climate for Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu's government in the United Statesthat the extra-friendly Congress would make it more difficult for the Obama Administration to put the screws to Netanyahu the way it has.
Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) put the screws to those beloved by Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flanery), whose book about having supposedly survived a near-death encounter with the notorious Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), Hoffman's former boss, is revealed to be bogus.
It's even worse when we have to put the screws back in and then go back the next day to unscrew them again to reconnect the battery connector.