put the record straight

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put the record straight

To make the true facts of something clear, especially when they have been previously mistaken, misunderstood, or misrepresented. There have been a lot of crazy rumors flying around for the last few days, so I'd like to put the record straight once and for all.
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put (or set) the record straight

give the true version of events that have been reported incorrectly; correct a misapprehension.
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put/set the ˈrecord straight

(informal) give a correct version, explanation of events, facts, etc. because you think somebody has made a mistake: I think there has been some misunderstanding so I’d like to set the record straight.
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He is also keen to put the record straight against a side which pipped them earlier in the year.
Their bosses are now being contacted to put the record straight.
Sir Ian said: "Clearly the Met could have taken the decision on the Saturday when we recognised that we had killed an innocent man, we could have put the record straight.
00 Leicester) Has not found life that easy since his attentions were switched to hurdling, but this is considered a good opportunity to put the record straight.
Baltic King can put the record straight in the Renault Masters Of Beckenham EBF Median Auction Maiden Stakes.
Scottish Amicable, Standard Life and Scottish Widows were all keen to put the record straight.
Certain media outlets reported that the transaction was in excess of pounds 250,000 but Vaughan has been annoyed by the incorrect reporting, and last night put the record straight.
As a member of a family who have been going to St James the Great for more than 70 years, I just wanted to put the record straight.
JUSTIN Timberlake has put the record straight on his and Cameron Diaz's romance - and says that he's waiting tirelessly for her to pop the question to him.
We are glad of this opportunity to put the record straight.
I WISH to put the record straight regarding the reporting of my runner, Meohmy, in the first race at Windsor on August 15.
Town beat the Knitters 7-2 in the final game of last season to end United's hopes of promotion, and manager Dean Thomas wants his players to put the record straight.
Radio Scotland broadcast the story but 31-year-old Mac - who saw a swap move to Aberdeen collapse last week when Peter Hetherston failed a medical - put the record straight.
To put the record straight, I wish to state it was also the birthplace of the well-known actor Colin Welland, below, seen in many TV shows and films.
So he's told Ryan he is prepared to give a no-holds-barred interview to put the record straight about a few things.