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Finally the Net has put the lie to Ben Bradlee's boast: "News is what I say it is."
Here are a few examples that put the lie to the myth:
This strategy could be confining, but The American Chestnut, a series of loosely linked monologues, was staged with a steady ingenuity that put the lie to those who deny her work's artfulness.
"Therefore, the Chinese Government had to take necessary measures." This put the lie to all the clowning he did in public, a clear P.R.
Opposition to Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in black schools led to the watershed Soweto riots of 1976 which put the lie to any idea of extremist dissent rather than a mass liberation movement.
The real contribution of medical marijuana to the larger debate on legalization is that it may well put the lie to official claims about drugs.
These twin openings, as much as any event in recent memory, put the lie to those writings.
The success of last year's tax reform in Washington put the lie to the notion that representative bodies can't break out of special interest gridlocks to produce great legislation.
Eugene's postmortem treatment of Morse and his long life here put the lie to the expression "They Never Go Back to Pocatello," - the clever title of a book by Richard Neuberger describing the tendency of celebrated men from small towns to migrate to big cities to capitalize on their fame.
In the longer term, the little earthquake that has followed the American deposition of Saddam Hussein has, paradoxically, put the lie to this.
New NBC Entertainment topper Scott Sassa, himself a former cable guy, uses his own set of numbers to prove that point, and put the lie to the notion that cable's rising star has somehow eclipsed that of the broadcast webs.
'These incidents put the lie to the Duterte government's insistence that any resistance to China's demands means war,' the security expert said.
Within months of coming to power the Rudd Government put the lie to that statement by starting to systematically dismantle the previous Coalitions policies.
So it was when Kitty Piercy recently faced what may have seemed to her just a minor event, but which put the lie to her mantle of "Mayor for all Eugene."
On issue after issue in the Mideast and Southwest Asia, reality has put the lie to the Obama administration's claims of involvement.