put the heat on (one)

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put the heat on (one)

1. To pressure one to do something. We need to put the heat on those guys so that they finally pay their debt to us.
2. To force an opponent to work harder. You can expect them to start putting the heat on us in the second half, so don't come out sleeping.
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put the heat on (someone)

 and put the screws on (someone); put the squeeze on (someone); put the heat on; put the screws on; put the squeeze on
Sl. to put pressure on someone (to do something); to coerce someone. John wouldn't talk, so the police were putting the heat on him to confess. When my boss puts the screws on, he can be very unpleasant. The police know how to put the squeeze on.
See also: heat, on, put
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put the heat on someone

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