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Two old World War One pals meet up JACK Hewitt and Arthur Hallam put the clock back 50 years after a chance meeting in a public house.
While the women were fighting for equality, Riggs was, ostensibly at least, trying to put the clock back? Yes.
He said: "My fear is [it] will put the clock back and the progress we've made over the past 15 years will slow."
But her proposals were attacked by education chiefs, including the Ofsted chief inspector of schools Sir Michael Wilshaw, who accused her of trying to "put the clock back" in a way which would halt momentum towards better results in the state system.
Nobody can put the clock back. The quicker they realise it the better," he noted.
Overall, this swing to the left is not good for British business and, if Labour came to power, would put the clock back some 40 years.
They would put the clock back to those days when people simply did not live as long as we do today.
And call time on their attempts to put the clock back.
I'm not suggesting we should put the clock back on this.
I have no doubt if you could put the clock back, you would do so.
Current WRU chief executive Roger Lewis revealed this week that plans are in place to establish a fifth region and stated: "If I could put the clock back, I would certainly not have disbanded the Celtic Warriors."
What I really, really want (no doubt like all mothers with an empty nest) is to put the clock back a decade or three when Christmas meant a house full of anticipation and activity.
There can be no doubt that, if we could put the clock back to 2003, a lot of things would have been done very differently.
Sadly, Harry Enfield's obese Jamie and Oliver and Little Britain's Fatbusters have put the clock back on highlighting this very serious issue.
The project was not successful because "the powers-that-be" and various charities felt that I was trying to put the clock back and steer Tibetan refugees away from progress.
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