put/turn something to good account

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turn something to good account

to use something in such a way that it is to one's advantage; to make good use of a situation, experience, etc. Pam turned her illness to good account and did a lot of reading. Many people turn their retirement time to good account and take up interesting hobbies.
See also: account, good, turn

turn to good account

Use for one's benefit, as in He turned the delay to good account, using the time to finish correspondence. This idiom, first recorded in 1878, uses account in the sense of "a reckoning."
See also: account, good, turn

put/turn something to good acˈcount

(formal) make good use of money, an ability, etc: He put his experience as a teacher to good account as a writer of children’s books.
See also: account, good, put, something, turn