put something on ice

put (something) on ice

1. Literally, to put something in a cold place to preserve it, as of food or drink. If you don't put that shrimp on ice, we won't be able to eat it later. You made sure to put the champagne on ice, right?
2. To postpone or delay acting on or dealing with something. We've had to put the sale on ice while we figure out why the website keeps crashing. Do you mind if we put date night on ice for a few weeks until we get done with this project at work?
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put something on ice

COMMON If you put something such as a plan or project on ice, you stop it happening for a period of time. Further high-level meetings have been put on ice. Plans have been put on ice for a meeting in London of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Note: If a plan or project is on ice, no action is taken to put it into operation. A further cut in interest rates to 6% is now likely to stay on ice till next year. Note: This expression refers to the use of ice to preserve food and prevent it from decaying.
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put something on ˈice

decide to take no action on something for a period of time; postpone something: They have put the plans for the new hospital on ice because of the economic situation.My plans for going to the USA are on ice for the moment.
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