in order

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in order

Organized. I have to get my classroom in order before the students return to school next week. My boss prefers to have his affairs in order before he leaves on vacation.
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*in order

properly arranged. (*Typically: get something ~; have something ~; put something ~.) Please get your desk in order. I wish you would put things in order!
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in order

1. In proper sequence or arrangement, as in The children lined up in order of size, or Are the letters all in order? [c. 1400]
2. Suitable, correct, appropriate, as in A few words on this subject are in order now. [Mid-1800s]
4. in order that. So that, to the end or purpose that, as in In order that Bob can meet my husband, we've come early. [Early 1700s]
5. in order to. For the purpose of, as a means to, as in We'll have to hire more help in order to finish on time. This usage always precedes a verb, such as finish in the example. [c. 1700]
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in ˈorder

1 (of an official document) that can be used because it is all correct and legal: If the documents are not in order, the apartment cannot be sold.
2 (formal) as it should be: Is everything in order for you, sir?
3 if something is in order, it is a suitable thing to do or say on a particular occasion: I think a drink would be in order.
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