put (someone or something) down as (something)

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put (someone or something) down as (something)

To view or judge someone or something in a particular way. I worry that the other kids will put me down as a nerd just because I won all of those academic awards.
See also: down, put

put someone or something down as something

to write down the name of someone or a group as something. (See also put someone down as something.) I will put you down as cook for the benefit luncheon. I put down John as a likely prospect.
See also: down, put

have (or put) someone or something down as

judge someone or something to be a particular type or class of person or thing.
1914 M. A. Von Arnim The Pastor's Wife The other excursionists were all in pairs; they thought Ingeborg was too, and put her down at first as the German gentleman's wife because he did not speak to her.
See also: down, have, someone, something
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