put/set/place somebody on a pedestal

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set (someone or something) (up) on a pedestal

To believe or behave as if someone or something is perfect, wonderful, or better than others, to the extent that one is unable to see the potential flaws or faults of that person or thing. I know it's easy to be smitten with a romantic partner, but I don't think it's healthy for one to set the other up on a pedestal. Stephen has been setting classic literature on a pedestal ever since college, so he gets really judgmental of other genres he deems to be inferior.
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put/set/place somebody on a ˈpedestal

admire somebody so much that you are unable to see their faults: Don’t try to put her on a pedestal, she’s as guilty as the rest of them! OPPOSITE: look down your nose (at somebody/something)
A pedestal is the base that a statue rests on.
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