put/set somebody's mind at ease/rest

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put (one's) mind at ease

To reduce or remove one's worry, anxiety, dread, fear, etc. I know you're anxious to hear how your father is doing after the surgery, so let me put your mind at ease—he's going to make a full recovery. That bonus really put my mind at ease about these debts.
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set someone's mind at ease (about someone or something)

to make someone feel mentally comfortable about someone or something. Alice is upset. I will have to do something to set her mind at ease about the accident. Please set your mind at ease. Everything will be all right.
See also: ease, mind, set
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put/set somebody’s ˈmind at ease/rest

do or say something to somebody which stops them worrying about something: If you’d phoned me it would have put my mind at ease.He was nervous about meeting my parents, so I tried to set his mind at rest.
See also: ease, mind, put, rest, set
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