put plainly

put something plainly

to state something firmly and explicitly. To put it plainly, I want you out of this house immediately. Thank you. I think you've put your feelings quite plainly.
See also: put
References in classic literature ?
The matter will be put plainly before your husband, as I am now putting it before you.
Put plainly, this is a drudge of a war film that has almost nothing to do with alien monsters at all.
Put plainly, the job Powell faces in keeping this Town side up will be an extremely challenging one and a true test of his managerial credentials with the resources made available to him.
Put plainly, large numbers of people are cold and hungry
Put plainly, they are tailoring their own insider knowledge for the benefit of individuals and businesses prepared to move hell and high water to avoid paying fair taxes.
Put plainly, we're having a blast playing with these babies and the tennis courts of Long Island are going to have a tough time luring us back--at least until the weather cools off.
Converting 'outs' into exact probability - by that I mean to the nearest decimal point - is complex but, put plainly, each 'out' when there are two cards to come - the turn and river - has an approximate four per cent chance of arriving.
He told his audience: Here is the big argument in British politics today, put plainly and simply.
And he told activists: "Here is the big argument in British politics today, put plainly and simply.
Put plainly, Alexander reminds feminist pedagogues of our commitment to opening up the writing space to explorations of difference and of our commitment to critical literacy as liberation from the ideological and political confines of rhetoric.
Put plainly, some men - spread across a wide age range and from a variety of backgrounds - enjoy violence.
Put plainly, either Mignot was a poor judge of character--of Loisy and his productions--and was thereby deceived, or the archbishop was perceptive indeed--more so than the Vatican--and silence all the more necessary.
Put plainly, many executives were acting solely on behalf of their own personal gain.
Put plainly, cost savings begins with efficient design of facilities and work stations, without compromising aesthetics, which area key component of both employee recruitment and retention.