put plainly

put (something) plainly

To state, explain, or express something clearly and directly. To put it plainly, you've simply not been performing to the standard of quality we expect. Please put your opinion plainly and quit beating around the bush!
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put something plainly

to state something firmly and explicitly. To put it plainly, I want you out of this house immediately. Thank you. I think you've put your feelings quite plainly.
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References in classic literature ?
The matter will be put plainly before your husband, as I am now putting it before you.
Put plainly, we are literally borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.We must not forget that the 2014 Eurobond was preceded by an extension of the term of a maturing syndicated loan that was due that May and which had to be extended to August of that year.
Put plainly, (https://www.fool.com/retirement/2019/01/27/trump-proves-social-security-forecasters-wrong.aspx) Trump proved forecasters wrong.
Put plainly, there are no impediments - aside from the Gannett Board - to MNG completing the proposed transaction and for Gannett shareholders to achieve real value.
"Put plainly, it's a masterpiece," says Gary Rowley, who recently joined the society.
Sure, it's a grim vision of ash and soot when put plainly, but the situation is far from hopeless.
The Guardian quoted the document as saying: "Put plainly, this means that, to be considered valuable to the country as a whole, immigration should benefit not just the migrants themselves but also make existing residents better off."
Put plainly, there is no political support for the higher taxes and spending cuts that would be necessary with a common fiscal policy.
Put plainly, there is simply too much of it taking place and it needs to stop."
He said: "Put plainly, there is simply too much of it and it needs to stop."
Put plainly, you don't have to be a perinatologist to know that a child's time in the womb isn't spent in a state of suspended animation.
Put plainly, this is a drudge of a war film that has almost nothing to do with alien monsters at all.
"Put plainly, a Brief History of Seven Killings calls for a stout heart, strong stomach and prodigious powers of concentration, but the reader so equipped will be rewarded with an experience he or she will not soon forget.
Put plainly, the Constitution tells the Supreme Court to be done with any case within two years only, the Court of Appeals and Sandiganbayan within one year, and the rest (lower courts) within months.