put plainly

put (something) plainly

To state, explain, or express something clearly and directly. To put it plainly, you've simply not been performing to the standard of quality we expect. Please put your opinion plainly and quit beating around the bush!
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put something plainly

to state something firmly and explicitly. To put it plainly, I want you out of this house immediately. Thank you. I think you've put your feelings quite plainly.
See also: plainly, put
References in classic literature ?
The matter will be put plainly before your husband, as I am now putting it before you.
Sure, it's a grim vision of ash and soot when put plainly, but the situation is far from hopeless.
Put plainly, there is no political support for the higher taxes and spending cuts that would be necessary with a common fiscal policy.
Put plainly, there is simply too much of it taking place and it needs to stop.
Put plainly, you don't have to be a perinatologist to know that a child's time in the womb isn't spent in a state of suspended animation.
Put plainly, this is a drudge of a war film that has almost nothing to do with alien monsters at all.
Put plainly, the Constitution tells the Supreme Court to be done with any case within two years only, the Court of Appeals and Sandiganbayan within one year, and the rest (lower courts) within months.
Put plainly, the job Powell faces in keeping this Town side up will be an extremely challenging one and a true test of his managerial credentials with the resources made available to him.
Put plainly, our goal is to increase the supply of professional futurists, and we believe formal training helps to do that.
The in-game sound on the other hand, if put plainly is bad; so much so that you would feel all of it is purely made by amateurs using a bad synthesizer.
Put plainly, these communities need access to free clinics and general health-care, and in order to effectively advocate for these services in her immediate populace, Vanessa knows that full community engagement is required.
Put plainly, we're having a blast playing with these babies and the tennis courts of Long Island are going to have a tough time luring us back--at least until the weather cools off.
Converting 'outs' into exact probability - by that I mean to the nearest decimal point - is complex but, put plainly, each 'out' when there are two cards to come - the turn and river - has an approximate four per cent chance of arriving.
He told his audience: Here is the big argument in British politics today, put plainly and simply.