put paid to something

put paid to (something)

To consider something finished or ended; to put something to rest or no longer give it any attention. After a lengthy debate, we finally put paid to the decision about who would take over the estate. Email has almost completely put paid to the act of sending handwritten letters anymore.
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put paid to something

mainly BRITISH
COMMON If an event puts paid to someone's hopes, chances, or plans, it completely ends or destroys them. Great Britain's poor performance here last night has put paid to their chances of reaching the Olympic finals. The past week has probably put paid to hopes that share prices in New York and London would rise strongly for the rest of the year.
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put ˈpaid to something

(informal) make it impossible for something to happen or continue: Her poor exam results have put paid to any chance she had of getting into medical school.
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The vote on Wednesday by MPs to ban fox hunting signalled a regrettable erosion of civil liberties and will put paid to something that has been a British way of life for centuries.