put out feelers

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put out the/(one's) feelers

To try to learn or discern something tentatively, discreetly, or indirectly. (An allusion to the antennae of insects, used to detect minute changes in the environment.) He's been putting out feelers to see how employees might react to such a policy. Why don't you put out your feelers and see if anyone is interested in buying. A: "I wonder what's going on with Jennifer lately." B: "I'll see if I can put the feelers out the next time I see her."
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put out (some) feelers (on someone or something)

to arrange to find out about something in an indirect manner. I put out some feelers on Betty to try and find out what is going on. I will put out feelers on what's going on with June.
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put out feelers

Discreetly try to learn something, as in They put out feelers to see if anyone was interested in buying the company. This idiom alludes to an animal's feelers, such as antennae or tentacles, used to find food. [First half of 1800s]
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put out feelers

If you put out feelers, you carefully try to find out about other people's feelings or plans, so that you will know what to do next. I will put some feelers out among my community. Spend some time putting feelers out to see if you can find a suitable building. Note: Verbs such as send, have or throw are sometimes used instead of put. He has sent out feelers to three right-wing parties, with a view to freeing himself from the coalition with Labour. Note: Feelers are the long thin sense organs on the heads of insects and certain other creatures such as snails.
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put out/have ˈfeelers

try to find out what people think about a particular course of action before you do it: They’re putting out feelers about the possibility of building a new sports complex in Leeds.
An insect has feelers (= antennae) on its head, which it uses to feel or sense things.
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He is said to have asked his New Zealand and European representatives to put out feelers just before Christmas when the NZRFU were not prepared to boost his salary into the 400,000-500,000 dollar (pounds 130,000-pounds 165,000) range.
Mjallby's agent put out feelers that the player was unhappy at not getting first team football and received positive feedback.
Looking for a more international cross-section, ICSU has put out feelers in Latin America, Africa, the Far East, and elsewhere.
BBC bosses have begun to "put out feelers" over the cost of hosting the 60th Eurovision next year if Britain wins tomorrow.
But now Derby could find Hendry more receptive after they put out feelers for the unsettled centre half.
He added: "It was a considerable surprise as I put out feelers to senior military during the writing of the book but they did not want to help with the project."
City were told his preferred destination is Bayern Munich when they put out feelers a few weeks ago.