put onto

put someone onto someone or something

to alert someone to the existence of someone or something; to lead someone to someone or something. Nancy put Elaine onto George, who knew of a job that Elaine might be interested in. Nancy put Elaine onto a good job lead.
See also: put
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The "16" number plates went on sale last week but they can only be put onto a brand new vehicle from March 1.
One said they saw a girl being put onto a stretcher and taken into an ambulance.
8 Watering 4mm put onto the bend into the home straight and areas of the 6f Chute on Friday.
We always appreciated these extra minutes going "Up Barrick" put onto our homeward journey as we were accustomed to doing our homework on the bus.
After the concert each year group had the opportunity to get a photograph taken with her which was put onto the Metro Radio Website.
We have a variety of banners for you to put onto your website or embed the form onto your website.
Our primarily trade-only model means that conventional label printers can accept orders for short-run quality labels that are not economical to put onto a flexo or offset press, without the need to invest in new plant and digitally skilled labour.
e tiles that were replaced were not skipped as is usually the norm, but were stacked and bound and put onto pallets ready for collection.
EMMERDALE (7pm and 8pm ITV) IT'S a shame the Bartons never bothered watching their home videos - especially after they went to all the bother of having them put onto a VHS cassette.
Bulgarian Parliament Speaker Mihail Mikov has promised that the referendum on voting rules proposed January is to be put onto MPs' agenda this week.
Put onto a warm plate and repeat, stacking the pancakes until you have cooked them all.
As one is running on different grounds and textures it's able to inflate or deflate depending on the pressure you put onto it and could help support you as a runner.
To verify the matter, the municipality dispatched a number of health inspectors to take samples of the fishes and find out whether really there is an artificial red substance that is put onto the fish gills to deceive customers or not, and to check how hazardous the substance is.
Apparently, legend has it that the snake-like creature started off as a small heather worm that was put onto a golden ring.
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