put (someone) right

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put (someone) right

To correct someone's attitude, belief, or behavior; to make sure someone understands something correctly. I had to put Stephen right after I realized that he'd been operating the machinery wrong this whole time. Helen told me she thought the moon landing was faked, so I had to put her right!
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put right

Fix, make amends, correct, as in The wheel's come off, but we can put that right in no time, or Victor thought we were moving out, but we put him right. [Late 1800s]
See also: put, right

put (or set) someone right

1 restore someone to health. 2 make someone understand the true facts of a situation.
See also: put, right, someone

put/set somebody ˈright

1 tell somebody the truth about something because they have not understood or they have the wrong information: She was telling everybody that I’d written the report so I soon put her right.
2 make somebody feel better: These tablets should put you right.
See also: put, right, set, somebody
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At the first opportunity, Tav put one right on my head.
Sykesy put one right into the top corner, a lovely goal, and Dennis went through a crowd of players.
One of the guys moved toward me, so I put one right by his ear," the homeowner told the Daily Press.
Then the lad has gone and put one right in the top corner.
If you told (former captain) Allan Border to have a spell, he would have put one right on the end of your nose," O'Donnell fumed on 2KY.
I ran down the stairs and I just put one right in his face," Bradley was to say.
Walking down the street, back against the wall - knowing there's a sniper in that building waiting to put one right between your eyes.
We don't want people taking six points off us in a season and on Saturday we can at least put one right.
If you want to avoid a DIY disaster or put one right, you might want to look at PSE (pay someone else).
So you know if you put one right here they're going to come.
Glen had gone into the kitchen and found his brother's body so I ran downstairs and just put one right in his face.