put one over on (one)

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put one over on (one)

To fool or deceive someone; to make someone the victim of a prank or hoax. I'm not as naïve as I once was, so you won't be putting one over on me again! The conman spotted Jane from a mile away, and quickly figured out how he would put one over on her.
See also: on, one, over, put

put one over on someone

1. If you put one over on someone, you beat them or get an advantage over them. The match represents the opportunity finally to put one over on one of his oldest rugby friends. Note: You can also use get instead of put. Managers wouldn't help each other. They were all trying to get one over on each other.
2. If you put one over on someone, you trick them. My brother David actually prefers doing things dishonestly. It gives him a pleasing feeling of having put one over on other people. You're not kidding me, are you, Ralph? You wouldn't put one over on me just to stop me going down to the club on my own?
See also: on, one, over, put, someone

put one over on

deceive someone into accepting something false. informal
See also: on, one, over, put

get/put one ˈover on somebody/something

(informal) get an advantage over somebody/something: I’m not going to let them get one over on me!Don’t believe a word he says. He’s just trying to put one over on you.
See also: get, on, one, over, put, somebody, something