put on the street

put (out) on the street

1. To place something on the curb of the street so that someone can come and take it away. A noun or pronoun is used between "put" and "(out) on." Would you please put that ratty old sofa on the street? I'm sick of looking at it! The company put a bunch of office furniture out on the street. We should swing by and see if there's anything worth taking.
2. To cause someone to no longer have a home or place where they are able to sleep at night. A noun or pronoun is used between "put" and "(out) on." The huge increases in rent across the city has put hundreds of families out on the street in the last few years. I've been living paycheck-to-paycheck, so if I lose this job, it'll put me on the street!
3. To share some information or news publicly or openly. A noun or pronoun is used between "put" and "(out) on." Often used in negative constructions. We just found out Sharon is pregnant, but we're not ready to put it on the street yet because of how early into the pregnancy she is. I've got something to tell you, but don't put it out on the street, please.
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put something on the street

Sl. to tell something openly; to spread news. There is no need to put all this gossip on the street. Keep it to yourself. Now, please don't put this on the street, but I am going to get married.
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