put off by

put off by someone or something

distressed or repelled by someone or something. I was really put off by your behavior. We were all put off by the unfairness of the rules.
See also: off, put
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At the end of the fire, which was hardly put off by workers and fire brigade teams, a great deal property damage occurred.
However, this might be a sensible thing to be put off by, as a high number of reported crimes in an area could push up the buyer's insurance premiums should they move there.
This column's theory is that punters are being put off by the fact they're going for an unprecedented fourth tournament win in a row.
ALMOST half of those glossy new cookbooks bought as Christmas presents will go unread, according to a survey that shows home cooks are being put off by expensive ingredients and complicated recipes.
Many shoppers say they are put off by parking charges and prefer to shop online or on out-of-town retail centres with free parking.
18, 2010, SPA -- A small and limited electric contact took place at a train station in Al-Mashaer sacred places today where more than two millions perform their Hajj rituals, but immediately put off by a civil defense contingent at the scene, Civil.
Surely we can't really be put off by something so minor.
Portsmouth have been trailing the Argentina midfielder for months, but have been put off by Mallorca's pounds 7million demand.
Age Concern said 58 per cent of elderly people on lower incomes did not claim benefits because of the complexity of the system, with nearly half saying they found means testing intrusive, while 48 per cent were put off by complicated forms.
Gary Lumby, Yorkshire Bank's head of retail, said: "Our research shows people are not being put off by the high price of an extra bedroom, but we are seeing homebuyers become more prudent in their purchases to ensure they can afford their increased repayments.
People living in the South West were most likely to be put off by the state of a neighbour's home, with 47 per cent saying an untidy house next door would put them off buying a property, while 30 per cent also said they would not buy a house that had a strange smell.
But only 20% of Germans have been put off by the July 7 attacks and July 21 attempted bombings, according to the survey for news company CNN and Time magazine, published today.
political climate may be put off by the book's pleading for-tolerance tone, which reads like a PR campaign for "nice" GLBT folk who really are just like everyone else.
West Brom have already asked about Averladze but were put off by the pounds 1m-a-year salary he'd want to maintain if he switched to the Premiership.
The canine version of Comfort Zone mimics the pheromone put off by nursing mother dogs to comfort puppies; the feline version mimics the pheromone put off by cats when they rub their cheeks against people and objects.