put money into something

put money into (something)

To invest money into something in the hopes of improving it or gaining a profit from it. If you're going to put your money into any company, this is the one—you can expect your investment to double by the end of this year alone. They haven't been putting nearly enough money into our public schools.
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put ˈmoney into something

invest money in something: She put the money into stocks and shares.The Government should put more money into the film industry.
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Modify and massage your original idea until you find the formula that performs well, he adds, because "everyone wants to put money into something that works.
Studios see them as an opportunity to put money into something that they know is going to happen instead of paying a couple million on developing something that will never happen.
Corporate governance experts worry about the rights of shareholders, while some investors feel reluctant to put money into something if a portion of the returns will go somewhere else, no matter if it is for a good cause.
The problem we have is that because it is not as big as other sports, not many people are willing to put money into something they don't know about.
As a businessman you put money into something hoping to make a profit.
People don't usually want to put money into something if they don't believe there's a real effort to spend those dollars wisely.
I would rather put money into something that actually will be built in my lifetime," Kelly said.
Terry Hamill, 33, director of BNI Merseyside, from Liverpool: I think everybody has to wake up and put money into something other than pensions.
I vowed I would never again put money into something I did not fully understand.
But if people are prepared to put money into something then it has to be seen as positive," he said.
I'm going against the grain as clubs are losing money hand over fist but you have to put money into something to get established.
I do not see why I should put money into something I do not believe in," said Samuel, who was referring to the proposed merger with Pontypridd.