put (one) through the wringer

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put (one) through the wringer

To subject one to some ordeal, difficulty, trial, or punishment; to force one to undergo an unpleasant experience. My mother's recent bout with cancer has really put us through the wringer this year.
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put someone through the wringer

Fig. to give someone a difficult time; to interrogate someone thoroughly. (Alludes to putting something through an old-fashioned clothes wringer.) The lawyer really put the witness through the wringer! The teacher put the students through the wringer.
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put someone through the wringer (or the mangle)

subject someone to a very stressful experience, especially a severe interrogation. informal
1984 Louise Erdrich Love Medicine I saw that he had gone through the wringer. He was red-eyed, gaunt, and he was drunk.
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put (someone) through the wringer

To subject to a severe trial or ordeal.
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It's really put me through the wringer, and that has been harder than any disappointment about not making it up to the summit" Cyclist Victoria Pendleton, who had to give up her assault on Everest on health grounds.
THIS week's dry slap goes to the psycho immigration officer I got at JFK in New York who put me through the wringer just because I made a small mistake filling in my landing card.