put into practice

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put (something) into practice

To commence doing something that had previously only been discussed, suggested, or planned. We've decided to put your ideas into practice for the next meeting. I've been putting that technique you showed me into practice during my training sessions.
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put something into practice

to make a suggested procedure the actual procedure. That is a good policy. I suggest you put it into practice immediately. I plan to put the new technique into practice as soon as I can.
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put into practice

Also, put in practice. Carry out in action, as in It's time we put these new ideas into practice. Shakespeare used this idiom in Two Gentlemen of Verona (3:2): "Thy advice, this night, I'll put in practice." [Mid-1500s]
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Four of the tax-reduction proposals have been executed or will be put into practice next year, including cut of inheritance and gift tax (for NT$11 billion of loss in tax revenue), enhanced deduction amount for personal income tax (NT$26 billion of tax-revenue loss), and income-tax cut related to the expiration of the Statute for Industrial Upgrading (tax-revenue loss of NT$8 billion).
A German researcher labeled Constitution of the Republic of Yemen as a valuable old book which is not put into practice, saying that real democracy and popular participation would not be achieved in the state until Yemen's judiciary becomes unbiased and fair, the website reported in a front page story.
He also urged the students to take advantage of this opportunity and get involved in their work in order to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired.
Describing 23 different leadership "pathways" that have been put into practice, and drawing upon numerous real-life examples of the Leading for Learning Framework in action, Connecting Leadership with Learning is a solid guide enthusiastically recommended for educators everywhere.
The findings by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and Her Majesty's Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate concluded that although many of the correct policies were in place, the moves were not always put into practice.
"KerbSafe is a vital life skill for children to learn and the benefits with this scheme are that they can actually go out into the local environment and put into practice what they have learned."
This sort of thing, clearly stated in the hotel manual, is carefully put into practice.
The most valuable aspect of Ham It Up is that its curriculum has been thoroughly tested and put into practice, allowing the teacher to focus upon instruction itself rather than fine-tuning lesson plan mechanics.
This three-day event gives you the chance to gather the know-how and inspiration you need to consolidate and put into practice those key project management guidelines that make the difference in terms of project success.
It's a simple idea, but not so easy to put into practice in environments where contracts rather than relationships usually drive behaviour.
Then put into practice the fine art of persistence.
University of Memphis researcher Steve Ross recommends refining the paired-awards approach so that the treatment-control comparison lasts at least two years, citing the implementation dip: "Given new strategies to understand and put into practice, teachers may struggle for a while, with short-term negative effects on teaching and learning.
Lim (education, Nanyang Technological U.) examines the theories, practices and efficacy of the program, including issues of management practice and management learning, the aspects of each perceived to have been learned and put into practice, other sources of learning used by proteges, and aspects of mentoring the proteges did not put into practice.
Basing their account on the experiences of specific African Americans and how they understood and put into practice the ideas of Thoreau, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr., the authors present a powerful overview of how civil disobedience has been an integral part of African American life.
The directive also asks manufacturers to produce new vehicles that are easier to dismantle for recycling, which has been more challenging to put into practice than some of the directive's other orders.