put into practice

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put (something) into practice

To carry out or commence doing something that had heretofore only been discussed, suggested, or planned. We've decided to put your ideas into practice for the next meeting. I've been putting that technique you showed me into practice during my training sessions.
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put something into practice

to make a suggested procedure the actual procedure. That is a good policy. I suggest you put it into practice immediately. I plan to put the new technique into practice as soon as I can.
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put into practice

Also, put in practice. Carry out in action, as in It's time we put these new ideas into practice. Shakespeare used this idiom in Two Gentlemen of Verona (3:2): "Thy advice, this night, I'll put in practice." [Mid-1500s]
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Most patients would be surprised to know what their doctors don't know--or don't put into practice.
Le bon Dieu est dans les details - "God is in the details" - was one of Flaubert's bright sayings, adopted as a working motto by the Warburg Institute and certainly put into practice in Bourdieu's study.
YAMAGATA successfully put into practice a Management System for developing, producing, supplying technical and instructional information in the form of printed manuals, multimedia and online technical solutions for customers around the world.
As well as learning the theory, students will also get the chance to get their hands dirty and put into practice what they learn in nearby allotments and the Quinzone's horticulture polytunnel.
The "park and stride" scheme is taking place today and it is hoped it will be put into practice every Friday.
Kumar urged businesses and civil society to put into practice models for good governance.
The intent of the field experience was to provide the opportunity for teaching candidates to put into practice that which was taught in PETE and gain experience teaching in a real context.
Pupils from Wolverhampton have seen their play about mobile phone theft put into practice by a professional theatre troop.
This loss prompted Britton to put into practice DOFE principle No.
The ideas, in a modified form, were put into practice shortly after, when the Ingenhoven team won a competition to design an office tower in Essen, Germany, for the headquarters of RWE (AR July 1997).
John King completes the study by showing how royal iconography changed to reflect the imperial kingship as it was put into practice after the Act of Supremacy.
It will require some developmental work to put into practice, but I believe it should work for the majority of those that are willing to give it a serious try.
This appointment gives me an opportunity to represent the university at a state level and, more importantly, put into practice what we teach in the classroom and bring to a governmental body a true consumer perspective,'' Martin said.
Just the opposite in fact: principles put into practice can increase profits.