put into power

put (one) into power

To give someone some degree of political power, as through election or appointment. I don't know how people could have put such a brutal tyrant into power. Everyone knows the government has been putting puppets into power around the world to further its own interests.
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put someone into power

 and put someone in
to elect or appoint someone to office or a position of power. The board decided to put an unknown from another company into the presidency. They put in a complete unknown.
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Trump himself is an illegitimate President, having polled 2 million fewer votes than his Democratic Party opponent, Hillary Clinton, in 2016, but put into power by the undemocratic vagaries of the US Electoral College system.
If you, the voters, decide to put into power any party other than the PML(N), you wont have a PML(N) government, he said.