bring/call/put something into play

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bring something into play

1. Lit. [in a ball game] to put the ball into the action of the game, such as after a timeout. Fred brought the ball into play when he bounced it in from the sidelines.
2. Fig. [for the shares of a company] to become the subject of a takeover bid. The recent drop in the value of that stock brought the company into play. The company was brought into play by a news story about their new product line.
3. Fig. to cause something to become a factor in something. Now, this recent development brings some other factors into play. Something else was brought into play by the strange event.
See also: bring, play

bring something into play

cause something to begin to have an effect.
See also: bring, play, something

bring/call/put something into ˈplay

make something begin to work or operate; involve something in something: The exercise brings many skills into play.This latest decision calls many new factors into play.
See also: bring, call, play, put, something
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The report said that for hackers to qualify for the prizes or bonuses, they must provide functional exploit code and details on all the vulnerabilities put into play.
CLEVELAND Police are promoting a list of a dozen frauds that could be put into play this December.
And, if that's not enough, a number of cheating tactics are put into play as they attempt to put up a tent.
It's all about thinking ten steps ahead and having a solution ready to put into play," said Rivera.
Because customers aren't paying their bills on time, said the consultancy, a domino effect has been put into play, with firms now unable to meet their own obligations on time.
While Neil Young and Dylan's country rhythms and vocal style is put into play, the delivery harks to Bolan as does wordplay like album opener Cape Canaveral's: "You taught me victory sweet, even deep in the cheap seats.
The awards won by Southern Sideboards speak for the giant mechanism put into play by organized leaders who had the vision for Southern Sideboards to join all the other fine cookbooks in the country, and especially in the South," says Carlene Scanlon, the books co-editor.
The ATA and CAS tiers put into play for archiving can also help minimize backup costs because companies can begin to remove static data from their daily backup schemes, which will reduce their investment in tape while simultaneously shrinking their backup windows.
He got some balls put into play when he needed to, and we made some good defensive plays for him.
All of these plays are done with a silent signal that is timed to move as soon as the ball is handed to the inbounder and put into play.
From the various nooks and tiers of the museum, lines of sight were consistently put into play.
Without strong, consistent and relentless communications, corporate strategy cannot be put into play, and building trust is not possible.
I'm trying to improve certain aspects of my game and I'm going to continue to put into play in matches what I work on in training
I know many of you understand the lure of the family business and what it can mean to lock arms with your old man, work toward an equity stake, and put into play the list of things that we've all vowed to do if given the chance to one day "run the store.
As she herself argues, imagemaking was reflexive and associative: it put into play symbolic meanings that reflected on its patrons, including those that linked Cosimo with an imperial Roman past.