put into order

put (something) into order

1. To clean or tidy something. Help me put the house into order before mom and dad get back! I have to put my classroom into order before the students return to school next week.
2. To put something into the proper sequence. This order is sometimes specified with a modifier. I've spent all morning putting all these books into order, so don't go messing them up! Students, please line up in alphabetical order.
3. To arrange or resolve something so that it is in the most proper, efficient state possible. They brought in a consultant to help put the project into order. I'm trying to put my affairs into order before the illness gets too debilitating.
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put someone or something into order

to put people or things into a proper sequence. Would you please put these people into order by height so we can march into the auditorium? Could you put these magazines into order?
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The Family Code of the Philippines was put into order by virtue of Executive Order No.
All roads should be put into order across the country gradually," President Kurmanbek Bakiev said during a traditional work meeting with the heads of units of his Administration, reported presidenteCOs press office.