put into effect

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put (something) into effect

To cause (something) to apply, begin operating, or take effect; to begin implementing or enforcing (something). The new government has vowed to put several policies into effect with the goal of helping struggling citizens. The new law will be put into effect on the first of January.
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put something into effect

 and put something into force
to make something take effect; to begin using or enforcing a policy or procedure. When will the city council put this law into effect? We will put it into force tomorrow.
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The parliamentary commission investigating military coups in Turkey outlined a roadmap to enable democratic control of the TSK similar to the one that the AK Party disclosed to the public but could not put into force after Gen.
Amman, Mar 14 (Petra) -- Health minister Abdullatif Wreikat and his Libyan counterpart Fatima Hamrouche have agreed to put into force a signed health memo of understanding and add an annex to regulate admission of Libyan patients in Jordanian hospitals and remove any procedural obstacles.
The last time an extension of the state of emergency in Tunisia was signed by the President was on July 22nd and put into force August 1st, 2011.
MUSCAT: Dr Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, secretary-general, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), yesterday hailed His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said's keenness to push forward the joint Gulf action and His Majesty the Sultan's wise and Royal directives to put into force the resolutions of the GCC Supreme Council to make them a reality to meet the aspirations and hopes of the GCC nationals.
here Thursday a decision that will be put into force soon for lifting the
The date each treaty was signed and put into force is also documented.
Age discrimination is now being put into force and is strongly connected to human rights issues.
That means this pact is put into force," Presidency Council chief of staff Naseer al-Ani told Reuters.
The National Police Agency said Thursday a new set of drink driving-related penalty provisions such as one on sharing a ride with a drunken driver netted a total of 71 violations that resulted in seven arrests in the month after they were put into force on Sept.
It will be put into force once 20 nations ratify it.
According to The Associated Press, Germany, Italy and Spain have stated that no rules have been put into force to prevent El Al cargo flights carrying military equipment from landing.
In Fife, this has been put into force without consultation with parents.
It's always struck me as odd that while this policy has been put into force, it's been done secretly.
Beer gardens have grown in their thousands since the smoking ban was put into force earlier this year.
The decision, if put into force, would affect Telenor Mobil's financial records for the year 2002 by some NOK70m.