put in place

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put (oneself) in (someone's) place

To imagine oneself in the situation or circumstances of another person so as to understand or empathize with their perspective, opinion, or point of view. Before being quick to judge someone for their actions, you should always try to put yourself in their place. Everyone is human, after all. Put yourself in my place and then tell me what you would have done! It isn't as straightforward as you're making it seem!
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put (oneself) in (someone else's) place

 and put oneself in someone else's shoes
to allow oneself to see or experience something from someone else's point of view. Put yourself in someone else's place, and see how it feels. I put myself in Tom's shoes and realized that I would have made exactly the same choice.
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put (someone) in (someone's) place

To lower the dignity of (someone); humble.
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We are proposing that tough new federal regulations be put in place that will change dramatically the way most health insurers do business," Tresnowski said.