put ideas into head

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put ideas in(to) (one's) head

To suggest something to one; to lead one to start believing (in) something; to make someone want to start doing something. Used of suggestions, ideas, or beliefs that one wouldn't have thought of on one's own, especially those that are foolish or negative. Of course we're not going to sell the house! Who's been putting ideas in your head? I can't believe you were caught smoking marijuana. I bet it's that no-good kid Casey who put ideas like that into your head. I heard John putting ideas into his sister's head that she was adopted.
See also: head, idea, put

put ideas into someone's head

Fig. to suggest something-usually something bad-to someone (who would not have thought of it otherwise). Bill keeps getting into trouble. Please don't put ideas into his head. Bob would get along all right if other kids didn't put ideas into his head.
See also: head, idea, put