put house in order

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put (one's) (own) house in order

To resolve one's own personal problems or business affairs (especially before criticizing those of others). The president and his administration sorely need to put their house in order or they may not live to see a second term in office. Jim should go about putting his own house in order before he starts criticizing how I live my life!
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put one's house in order

Fig. to put one's business or personal affairs into good order. (As if one were cleaning one's house. See also put one's own house in order.) There was some trouble in the department office and the manager was told to put his house in order. Every now and then, I have to put my house in order. Then life becomes more manageable.
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put/set your (own) ˈhouse in order

organize your own business or improve your own behaviour before you try to criticize somebody else: A government official warned the newspaper industry to put its own house in order before it started to tell other industries how they should be run.
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