put forward

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put (someone or something) forward

To suggest, offer, or propose someone or something for consideration. The newly elected mayor has put forward a number of plans for dealing with the housing crisis in the city. I was surprised to learn that my manager was putting me forward for the promotion.
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put someone or something forward

1. Lit. to move someone or something forward. The director put all the players forward during the last scene, leaving more room for the chorus to come on for the finale. Could you put your left foot forward a little?
2. Fig. to suggest someone or something; to advance the name of someone or something. I put Henry forward as a possible nominee. I would like to put forward a plan.
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put something forward

to state an idea; to advance an idea. Toward the end of the meeting, Sally put an idea forward. He put several suggestions forward.
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put forward

Propose for consideration, as in His attorney put forward a claim on the property, or They put me forward for the post of vice-chair. [Mid-1800s]
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put forward

1. To move something into a position in the front part of a thing or a region: There was no more room in the back of the boat, so we put the rest of the cargo forward.
2. To propose something; offer something for consideration: They put forward a proposal to increase teachers' salaries. We put two ideas forward, but both were rejected by the council.
3. To propose that someone be considered: The committee put forward two candidates as possible replacements for the retiring manager. After the battle, the captain put one of his officers forward for a medal.
4. To change the scheduled time of some event to an earlier time: They put the meeting forward from 4:00 to 2:30.
5. To postpone some event: We put the surprise party forward by an hour to make sure everyone could arrive on time.
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NBE has put forward that certificate on behalf of the government to attract the savings of Egyptians working abroad and employ them in the Egyptian market to support the Egyptian economy and finance the development plan, especially with the severe shortage in foreign exchange after the 25 January Revolution in 2011.
In Scotland, the Government and councils controlled by the Scottish National Party are protecting people against these unfair and foolish measures put forward by the Tory Government in London.
So, as meaningless as they must know these conditions to be, it appears they are being put forward merely in an attempt to stall the formation of a government, perhaps so that the situation next door in Syria may be evaluated more fully.
Bradley, 32, had no evidence put forward on four money laundering charges and two of fraud.
He also put forward certain recommendations for their resolution too.
The proposals prompted angry debate in the House of Commons after Labour put forward a motion calling for ministers to "re-think" the policy - which was defeated.
FRESH talks aimed at resolving the bitter British Airways cabin crew dispute will be held in the next few days after new proposals were put forward by the conciliation service.
Summary: New proposals to end the dispute between British Airways and the Unite union have been put forward by the arbitration service Acas.
NEW proposals to end the dispute between British Airways and the Unite union were put forward by the arbitration service Acas yesterday.
Summary: LONDON, June 12, 2010, SPA -- Britain&'s industry mediator has put forward confidential proposals to try to end a long-running dispute between British Airways and its cabin crew, Reuters reported.
Waitrose in Hall Green is celebrating the first anniversary of a scheme to support community causes by calling on shoppers to put forward names of good causes they would like to see benefit over the coming year.
Summary: Libya's central bank governor Farhat Omar Bin Guidara has been put forward for a seat on UniCredit's board by key shareholders, a list on the bank's website shows.
Councillor John Paul Feeley says a delegation from Cavan County Council, met with the organisers of Rally Ireland to put forward their case to host a stage.
Alaska Airlines, part of Alaska Air Group Inc (NYSE: ALK), has revealed that it has put forward counter-offers on key sections of a proposed five-year contract with its pilots.
Soft ground didn't inconvenience him at Ascot last time but earlier form, including a couple of wins, was achieved on top of the ground and 1m on good ground won't be the reason put forward if he is defeated