put somebody/something first

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put (someone or something) first

To make (the wellbeing, success, etc., of) someone or something the primary priority, especially over oneself or someone or something else. When you become a parent, you learn to put your children first every time. We need to put product development first and worry about the marketing later.
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put somebody/something ˈfirst

treat somebody/something as the most important person or thing: A politician should always put the needs of the country first and not his personal ambitions.He never put his family first.
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Surely it is logic of the madhouse to argue, as does Mr Bryn Jones that the translation ought to be put first.
RON DENNIS insists "the show is being put first" as plans for a new Formula One qualifying system moved a step closer to reality.
Janet McHard, CPA, supervising senior accountant, cites "put first things first" (habit three) as most meaningful to her for help in balancing day-to-day work, career and family.
Habit 3: Put First Things First--This habit builds on the mission and focuses individual workers--from casting grinders to the CEO.
The sharper focus put First Interstate, the nation's 13th largest bank and the third largest in California after BankAmerica and Wells Fargo, back in the black.
However, if the patient is put first, and placed in the appropriate level of care with only necessary procedures performed, then cost containment will be a natural byproduct.