put (something) down to experience

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put (something) down to experience

To regard a bad situation, action, or outcome as a learning experience rather than dwelling on its negative impact. I know you're upset about failing your exam, but just put it down to experience and study harder next time.
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put something down to experience


chalk something up to experience

COMMON If you chalk a failure or bad experience up to experience or put it down to experience, you do not get very upset about it because you will learn from it in the future. I was disappointed not to win, but I've just got to chalk it up to experience and go on. They could have parted friends and put the whole incident down to experience.

put something down to exˈperience

(also chalk it up to exˈperience especially American English ) accept a failure, loss, etc. as being something that you can learn from: When her second novel was rejected by the publisher, she put it down to experience and began another one.
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Spend too long alone and you will only start brooding on subjects best relegated to the past and put down to experience.
I AGREE with S Graham (Talkback, March 14) that in the EU debate it is the older people who are more likely to be in favour of Brexit than younger ones and the reason can be put down to experience.
It was one of those things we have to put down to experience.
What is vital now is that the PS50m waste is not simply bemoaned and put down to experience.
There's been plenty of ups and downs but I've learnt plenty and I'm sure these remaining few fixtures will unearth something else I can put down to experience of the job.
The last-gasp effort to break the Windies' resistance on the final day in Trinidad might have been another glorious failure for this team to put down to experience, but it also showed what they can do when the shackles are off.
The clash involving Poland and the Republic of Ireland in the changing rooms at Lennoxtown will need to be put down to experience for the common good but I don't think there's any doubt there'll now be dislike between Boruc and McGeady.
PAUL SIMPSON came out on top in a card game that opposite number Dave Jones would rather just put down to experience.
Yes, I've been stopped a couple of times with good body shots to the solar plexus, which I put down to experience.
Last season's exit, in what was City's first entry into the competition, was largely put down to experience as they went on to win the domestic title but more is expected this time.
It was very disappointing to lose to such a late goal and it's one we'll have to put down to experience and make sure it doesn't happen again.