put down

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put (an animal) down

To euthanize an animal, typically to prevent its suffering in old age or illness, or because it poses a threat to humans or other animals. We decided to put our dog down last week. He was in so much pain from cancer that we felt it would be cruel to let him struggle on. Animal control ended up having to put a bear down that had been found roaming the neighborhood for the third time this month.
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put (one) down

1. To insult, mock, belittle, or disparage one. The boss is always putting me down in front of everyone in the office. It's really making my life miserable. Tommy, don't put your brother down like that—if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything.
2. To kill one. The marshal told the fugitive that he would put him down if he reached for his gun.
3. To euthanize an animal. We knew our poor dog was suffering, so we decided it was time to put her down.
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put down (an animal)

To end the life of an animal (generally through euthanasia) so as to prevent its suffering in old age or illness, or because it poses a threat to humans or other animals. We decided to put down our dog last week. He was in so much pain from cancer that we felt it would be cruel to let him struggle on. Animal control ended up having to put down the bear once it was spotted roaming the neighborhood for the third time in recent months.
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put someone or something down

1. Go to set someone or something down.
2. Fig. to belittle or degrade someone or something. It's an old car, but that's no reason to put it down. You put down everything you don't understand!
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put someone down (for something)

to put someone's name on a list of people who volunteer to do something or give an amount of money. Can I put you down for ten dollars? We're having a picnic, and you're invited. Everyone is bringing something. Can I put you down for potato salad?
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put something down

1. Fig. to repress or put a stop to something such as a riot or rebellion. The army was called to put down the rebellion. The police used tear gas to put the riot down.
2. Go to set something down.
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put down

1. Write down; also, enter in a list. For example, Please put down my name for a free ticket, or Put me down as a subscriber. [Second half of 1500s]
2. Bring to an end, repress, as in They managed to put down the rebellion in a single day, or We've got to put down these rumors about a takeover. [c. 1300]
3. Kill a sick animal, as in The vet said the dog must be put down. [Mid-1500s] Also see put away, def. 5.
4. Belittle, disparage, criticize, as in Her husband was always putting her down. [c. 1400] Also see run down, def. 6.
5. Ascribe, attribute, as in We put her poor performance down to stage fright. [Late 1700s]
6. Regard, classify, as in We put her down as a hypochondriac. [Mid-1800s]
7. Pay a deposit, as in We put down $2,000 for the car.
8. Store for future use, as in David put down ten cases of this year's Chablis. [Mid-1800s]
9. Land in an aircraft; also, land an aircraft, as in What time will we put down at Heathrow? or She put the plane down exactly on the runway. [c. 1930]
10. Put a child to bed, as in The sitter said she'd put Brian down at 8:30. [Second half of 1900s]
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put down

1. To set something on the surface of something: They put the boxes down on the floor. I put down my pen and looked up. We put a new carpet down.
2. To write down: I grabbed a piece of paper and quickly put down what she had just said. He put his address down on a slip of paper and handed it to me.
3. To assign someone to some task or obligation: We put John down to do the laundry and Mary to do the dishes. You can put me down for a $20 donation, and I'll send you a check next week.
4. To render something ineffective; repress something: We should put down any rumors that we might be leaving town. When the peasants organized a revolution, the dictator called in the army to put it down.
5. To criticize, berate, or insult someone or something: My boss is always putting me down for small mistakes. The teachers put down our knowledge of literature.
6. To kill some animal, especially a domesticated animal that is sick or suffering: We had to put down several cows that had gotten very ill. The vet put our dog down when it became too sick.
7. To put some child to bed: We put the baby down for a nap.
8. To land: The plane put down at O'Hare Airport.
9. To land some aircraft: The pilot put the plane down in a field.
10. To make some down payment: We just put down a deposit on a new house. If I put $100 down today, can I pay the rest next month?
11. put down to To attribute some event to some cause: They put the boating accident down to the captain's inexperience.
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Like Marius, some animals are put down as part of a breeding programme designed to encourage genetic diversity in the captive population.
Unfortunately council money for his veterinary bills had run out so he was going to be put down.
No authorities put down healthy dogs, but many are left with hundreds of strays with no homes.
Reilly reports that the dog had to be put down immediately.
uk As a result, the amount of money people need to put down in order to qualify for the average mortgage has risen from pounds 13,500 on a typical pounds 150,000 loan to pounds 39,000.
It has been named Gangotri, which was also the name of the cow put down by RSPCA vets in December 2007.
the time, so put down the phone, we go where there is no ring at all.
He stabbed his pet after both his dogs attacked a neighbour's hound whose injuries were so severe he had to be put down.
In the past, when a buyer considers the purchase of a residential or commercial building, he would typically look to put down anywhere from 20%-30% of the transaction cost through the use of his own capital.
Vernacular plain-terms language distinguishes this highly readable account that actively resists being put down for any reason.
and its coalition allies restore Saddam Hussein to power in order to put down the growing insurrection there?
We decided to look inside my studio piano to see what happened when I put down a key.
Any domestic animal who does attack a person - and this is usually the result of being tormented - is immediately put down.
A vertical hole put down approximately 75 metres (225 feet) to the northeast of Ni-03-02 has just been completed and massive to semi-massive sulphides were intersected between 434.