put (something) behind (someone or something)

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put (something) behind (someone or something)

1. To stop focusing on, thinking about, or obsessing over something. You should put those bad memories behind you and start focusing on the good life you have now. Let's just put this loss behind us and start preparing for the next game.
2. To provide or give something that aids, supports, or assists someone or something. The committee members promised to put the fund behind a development scheme for the impoverished area. We're putting all of our resources behind you and your team.
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put something behind someone or something

to place something in back of someone or something. I put the box behind Mary, and she didn't even know it was there. Please put the present behind the couch where janet will not see it.
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put something behind one

Fig. to try to forget about something. I look forward to putting all my problems behind me. She will be happier when all this can be put behind her.
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put behind one

1. Try to forget, make an effort not to be bothered by, as in He had to put that failed negotiation behind him and make a fresh start. [Mid-1800s]
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put something behind you

get over a bad experience by distancing yourself from it.
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put behind

1. To place something to the rear of something or someone: I put the wires behind the bookcase, where no one can see them.
2. To provide something to someone or something as a means of support or assistance: The corporation put one million dollars behind the reconstruction project.
3. To consciously stop worrying or thinking about some unpleasant experience: I'm glad you put those bad days behind you and finished your studies.
4. To place someone in some lower or less advanced grade or class, especially due to inadequate performance: I couldn't pass all the required tests, so they had to put me behind with the beginners.
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