put behind one

put (something) behind (someone or something)

1. To stop focusing on, thinking about, or obsessing over something. You should put those bad memories behind you and start focusing on the good life you have now. Let's just put this loss behind us and start preparing for the next game.
2. To provide or give something that aids, supports, or assists someone or something. The committee members promised to put the fund behind a development scheme for the impoverished area. We're putting all of our resources behind you and your team.
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put something behind one

Fig. to try to forget about something. I look forward to putting all my problems behind me. She will be happier when all this can be put behind her.
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put behind one

1. Try to forget, make an effort not to be bothered by, as in He had to put that failed negotiation behind him and make a fresh start. [Mid-1800s]
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A broken bottle was also put behind one of the car's back wheels.
Even events that must be put behind one must be subjected to the formative power of memory then "disremembered," put into their proper place in the individual's life.
The prescription form, called Transderm Scop, is a patch you put behind one ear (see photograph); it takes several hours to become effective.