put back to

put (one's) back to (something)

To put a great deal of effort into some action or activity. Come on, we need to get this car off the road. Put your back to it and push! It's clear that the legislators have put their backs to crafting a bill that will find support across party lines, as well as in the general population.
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put one's back (in)to something

1. Fig. to apply great physical effort to lift or move something. All right, you guys. Put your backs into moving this piano. You can lift it if you put your back to it.
2. Fig. to apply a lot of mental or creative effort to doing something. (From {1}.) If we put our backs to it, we can bake twelve dozen cookies today. The artist put his back into finishing the picture on time.
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References in classic literature ?
Tyne to Bankok; coals; put back to Falmouth leaky and with crew refusing duty.'
And so he had been, I felt no doubt: only, as the time had been put back to the beginning of the tete-a-tete he referred to, the whole of it had passed into oblivion, if not into nothingness!
The Dragons were due to travel to Solihull Moors on Saturday, September 7 for a National League encounter, however that has now been put back to the following month.
But the policy has faced legal challenges and public finance minister Kate Forbes said that the introduction of ADT would have to be put back to after April 2020.
The League quarter-finals and semi-finals were due to be played over the next two weekends with the final on March 24 though it will now most likely be put back to March 30, a day before the football showpiece.
Everton were due to travel to the Stadium of Light on Saturday, September 10, but that has now been put back to Monday, September 12 and will kick-off at 8pm.
The preliminary round of the T20 Shield for teams in the Jedi Sports Champi-onship and Cedar Court Conference has been put back to next Tuesday - this competition is a straight knockout this season.
SPECIAL meetings of health boards across South Wales to discuss recommendations on the future of hospital services across the region have been put back to the New Year.
However, this game would be put back to the following day if Newcastle qualify for the group stages.
Summary: Harry Redknapp has revealed that Ledley King's groin operation has been put back to next week because the defender lost his passport.
A shortlist of three groups seeking to head the project has been drawn up by the city council and a decision was expected in October but this has now been put back to April or May.
THE inaugural Champions League Twenty20 is being put back to December, organisers have announced.
With even worse weather forecast for the island today, Hanson said the Superbike race and threelap Sidecar A race that was due to follow will now be run tomorrow, with the Monday race card being put back to Tuesday.
Originally due for September 13/14, it has been put back to October 4/5.
The Elite League trip to Wolverhampton scheduled for Monday April 14 has been put back to Monday May 19, and will now be televised live by Sky Sports.