put (one's) back into (something)

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put (one's) back into (something)

To put a lot of effort into doing something as quickly or effectively as possible. Come on, we need to get this car off the road. Put your back into it and push! It's clear that the legislators have put their backs into crafting a bill that will find support across party lines, as well as in the general population.
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put one's back into it

Make a strenuous effort, as in If you put your back into that report, you'll soon be done. This idiom alludes to physical labor involving the strength of one's back. It was first recorded in 1882.
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put your back into something

If you put your back into something, you work very hard to do it. Eighty miles across the mountains could be done in six days walking, if she put her back into it. It just shows what can be achieved when people commit to something and put their backs into it.
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put your back into

approach a task with vigour.
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put your ˈback into something

work very hard at something: We’ll get the job finished today if we put our backs into it.
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I could not think of a better way to put back into society than giving to children who without donations from companies such as Windows Plus would be going without at a time when they should be enjoying their childhood.
Mechanics, far too many tank line replaceable units (LRU) are being put back into service after a repair job without new seals.
Runaway foster child Krystina Kessler, 16, said she fears if the missing children are found they will be put back into the very system they ran away from.
LAW enforcement agencies will be able to keep half of any money or assets they seize from criminals to put back into fighting crime, the Home Office announced yesterday.
Apparently this same thing happens to rugby players and it is normally put back into place there and then
Nearly 200 empty buildings have been put back into use, and 125 community safety initiatives have been started and 26 traffic calming schemes put in place.
They are designed such that if a surgeon tries a prosthesis and finds he has the wrong length, it can be cleaned, put back into the kit and resterilized with steam or ETO.
The amount of money the Big Three put back into sponsorship is derisory.
Recycling is good, but not when the trash gets put back into communities of color," says Loyal "When you recycle, you need to know where that trash is going.