put away

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put (one) away

1. To kill someone. The man said he'd put me away if I told anyone that I'd seen him burying the money in the field.
2. To bury someone. Because the ground is completely frozen, they won't be able to put my father away for at least another month.
3. To send someone to a prison or mental institution. They put the notorious gangster away for 40 years, with no chance of early parole. Because they didn't understand the nature of schizophrenia at the time, my great-grandparents put my granny away when she was a little girl.
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put (something) away

1. Literally, to put something into a designated place. Kids, please put your toys away before dinner. I decided to put away all the photos of my late-wife when I started dating again.
2. To stop focusing on or paying attention to something. Put your worries away for the moment and just enjoy your time at the beach. You have to put away your stage fright and focus on playing the music.
3. To eat or drink the entirety of something, especially quickly or easily. Wow, that kid sure can put away his food! I can usually put away a bottle of wine by myself.
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put someone away

1. Sl. to kill someone. (Underworld.) The gangster threatened to put me away if I told the police. They've put away witnesses in the past.
2. Euph. to bury someone. My uncle died last week. They put him away on Saturday. They put away my uncle in the cold ground.
3. and send someone away Euph. to have someone put into a mental institution. My uncle became irrational, and they put him away. They put away my aunt they ear before.
4. and send someone away Euph. to sentence someone to prison for a length of time. (Underworld.) They put Richard away for fifteen years. The judge put away the whole gang.
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put something away

1. Lit. to return something to its proper storage place. When you are finished with the hammer, please put it away. Don't leave it out. Put away this mess!
2. Fig. to eat something. Are you going to put this last piece of cake away? Did you put away that whole pizza?
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put away

1. Place in a designated spot for storage; also, place out of reach. For example, Please put away your clothes, or This young tennis player can really put away the ball. Also see set aside, def. 1.
2. Renounce, discard, as in Put away all those negative thoughts. [Late 1300s]
3. Consume quickly, ingest readily, as in He put away his dinner in just a few minutes. [Colloquial; late 1800s]
4. Confine to a mental health facility, as in The doctor said we had to put her away. [Colloquial; late 1800s]
5. Kill, as in The vet put our old cat away. [Colloquial; late 1500s]
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put away

1. To put something in a place where it is kept when not in use: Remember to put away the milk when you are finished with it. Please put your toys away.
2. To stop thinking about something: Put that old daydream away and use your imagination. We put away our fear of losing and just concentrated on doing our best.
3. To eat or drink something completely, readily, and quickly: They put away two bottles of wine over lunch. I ordered a large pizza and put it away in five minutes.
4. To confine to a prison, mental health facility, or other institution: If you get caught stealing again, they will put you away. The judicial system puts away both drug dealers and drug users.
5. To bury someone: They put the preacher away in that cemetery next to the church.
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Despite the increase in savings, more than a fifth said they had less than pounds 1,000 put away and more than one in 10 had nothing put by at all.
The average amount put away by Scots each month is pounds 225.
I currently put away pounds 10 a month but that will have to go up soon.
If you are having problems, put away the credit card and seek help immediately.
Matsunaga's goal in the 64th minute came when Mercedes Bermudez took Rebecca Berry's corner kick and fed the ball on the ground in front of the CLU goal for Matsunaga to put away for the winner.
They should be put away for a few years with strict discipline and control and they may just turn out to be halfway decent citizens.
We show these students that savings can actually grow over time if they put away 50 cents a day rather than buying that candy bar or soft drink," says Smith.
Where is the best place for my savings - I don't have a lump sum, but want to put away a little bit each month - Gillian Felds, Greenwich, London.
Experts reckon savers ought to look at accounts where a fixed sum is put away each month.
Notebook Stand with Integrated Keyboard Brings Desktop PC Experience to Notebooks; Easy to Set Up, Easy to Put Away
The long-suffering mom wishes he'd put away his pipe dreams and be there for the family.
But the Danielses have since put away $18,000 and have remained relatively unaffected by the loss of Kysa's job because of their adherence to DOFE Principle No.
The societies offer savings bonds which allow anyone aged up to 70 to put away pounds 25 a month or a one-off pounds 270 a year for at least 10 years tax-free.
com, make it mandatory to put away a portion of your income for savings and investments--as much as 15% in addition to the money you invest in your company's 401(k).
Savers will need to put away a lot more than the pounds 1-a-month minimum allowed by Virgin.