put aside

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put (something) aside

1. Literally, to put something to one's side. Would you mind putting those books aside so I can clean the desk? Please put your phone aside while I'm talking to you!
2. To temporarily stop focusing on or paying attention to something. Put the financial aspects aside for a moment and focus on what kind of work would make you the happiest. Can you two just put aside your differences for now and get this done, please?
3. To reserve or save something for someone or for a later use. I can put the dress aside for you, if you'd like to think about it for a day. I recommend you put aside your bonus as a rainy-day fund for the future.
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put something aside (for something)

to hold something in reserve for some purpose. You should put a little of the sugar aside for your coffee in the morning. Please put aside some money for me. I can put a little aside.
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put something aside

to set or place something to the side. I put the magazine aside and began reading a book. Put aside your work for a minute and listen to what I have to tell you.
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put aside

1. Also, put by or away . Save, store up for future use, as in We put aside all the toys for our grandchildren, or James put by dozens of cans of tomatoes this year, or She put away some of her salary every month. The first two terms date from the late 1700s, the third from the late 1800s.
2. Also, set aside. Place out of the way, as in The clerk put the bruised fruit aside to sell at reduced prices, or We set aside the outdoor furniture before we water the lawn. [Late 1800s]
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put aside

1. To move something to the side in order to clear a space: We put the books on the shelf aside and made room for the picture. I put aside my homework and cleaned the table.
2. To stop discussing or paying attention to something: Let's put these problems aside. Put aside your differences and work together.
3. To save something for use at a later time: I put aside a little cash for an emergency. You should take some of your earnings and put it aside for college.
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He said: "You must put aside any feelings of disapproval for the modern footballer.
Harvey Coustan, chairman of the AICPA tax executive committee, told the House Ways and Means Committee that while the Retirement Protection Act of 1993 (HR 3396) "addresses some of the issues protecting plan funding, additional important steps can and should be taken to ensure the necessary funds are put aside by plan sponsors to pay the benefits promised to American workers.
The ministry has put aside money for targeting efforts in science and technology, and research and development.
The bank has put aside a further GBP170m for PPI but it also said that it was releasing a charge of GBP160m in relation to the sale of interest rate hedging products.
Put aside to cool at room temperature for 30 minutes.
On average, people put aside PS75 each month, although nearly half of those who save manage to put aside PS100 or more.
More than a fifth of workers have less than pounds 1,000 put aside.
3 : to put aside for later use <Save some milk for me.
Last week I and my Tory and Plaid Cymru colleagues put aside our differences in the interest of doing what is best for the future of the Welsh language.
Put aside most of the rest of TV: The answer is, right here; result -- small-minded world.
They put aside some minor pleasures to make the world a more compassionate place.
4% of their annual salary, followed by those living in Scotland, who put aside pounds 129or 6%.
Put aside the technical definition for a moment, and examine what wealth translates into on a practical level.