put a stop to

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put a stop to (something)

To stop, cease, or conclude something. I'm going to put a stop to the corruption in this department once and for all! I wish my sisters would put a stop to their bickering and just be civil to one another!
See also: put, stop

put a stop to something

 and put an end to something
to bring something to an end. I want you to put a stop to all this bad behavior. Please put an end to this conversation.
See also: put, stop
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What she means is to put an end to something, but far from saying that, she says: "This is now a time for reflection and the aim is to bring finality to the issue as soon as we can.
YOU have a chance now to put an end to something that has been irritating you for quite some time.
They will try to put an end to something on the spot, even if it is clearly unfair to one party.
It is, however, unfortunate that the educators and the bureaucrats who run the school districts have to be forced to put an end to something they admit is a failed program.