put an end to (oneself)

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put an end to (oneself)

To commit suicide. If you've had thoughts of putting an end to yourself, you should talk to someone.
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put an end to

Also, put a stop to. Terminate, abolish, as in It's time they put an end to their feud, or The police chief vowed to put a stop to prostitution. This locution is more emphatic than the plain verbs end or stop. [Mid-1600s]
See also: an, end, put, to
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put an ˈend to yourself


put an ˈend to it all

kill yourself: She told me that sometimes she felt so bad that she just felt like putting an end to it all.
See also: an, end, put, to
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"I was going to marry a dairyman at Stickleford, who's asked me twice; but--my soul--I would put an end to myself rather'n be his wife now!
Yaka has the final say: my creation, an independent Angola, has come to pass "in torrents of hope." Now I may put an end to myself. "Or should I still wait?"
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