put among

put (someone or something) among (someone or something)

To place someone or something in the middle of a group of people or things. My bosses put me among the rich and famous celebrities to cover a story, but I just felt like a total yokel standing next to them in my $30 suit. I always put new releases among the sale items to encourage shoppers to splash out for the more expensive stuff.
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put someone or something among someone or something

to place someone or something in the midst of people or things. The martial arts instructor put Fred among the strongest students to see what he would do. The shopkeeper put the green pears among the ripe ones and tried to sell them.
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(CECILY, WONDERINGLY:--"I don't see why that was put among the funny paragraphs.
Martin knew quite well that dressed in his best clothes and put among a crowd of strange business men he would be taken for one of their own--so easy was his bearing, so naturally correct his speech.
Put among them some one more vital, who cared for life or for beauty, and what an agony, what a waste would they inflict on him if he tried to share with them and not to scourge!
In those straight-laced days the poet really put among the cat among the pigeons when the Corn Gwlad rang out and he stood up.
Hannah, a shepherd from Cumbria, "Once they through their training, they'll be put among vtraditional military men who don't think they should be there.
Hannah, a shepherd from Cumbria, said: "Once they get through their training, they'll be put among very A-traditional military men who don't think they should be there.
We also call upon the esteemed Government to put among its priorities for the coming work period the necessary plans to develop areas of investments and diversify sources of income to the insurance funds to improve the services provided to retirees, and to work intensively on reviewing its policies in a comprehensive manner to accelerate the pace of national action, maximize our gains and develop our experiences.
It put among planned routes a connection between Bratislava and Vienna and later Budapest.
'To make the socio-economic conditions [of workers] better, it is necessary that OSH is put among the top priorities and the federal government ratifying the ILO convention 176 should make legislation like the Sindh government has already made.'
Chennaiyin FC are equally determined to stay put among the top teams and know that victory could take them to the top of the table.
A club for the lawyers has been put among the priorities.
McEnroe stressed in an interview with a US radio station he considered Williams the greatest female player of all time, but said that if put among the men, the 23-time grand slam singles champion would be an also-ran.
Kyrgyzstan has been put among 10 worst world's economies, reports Forbes.ru.
MANY a spanner was put among the pigeons and a few cats went in the works for good measure when 33-1 chance Libertarian was the winner on merit of yesterday's Dante Stakes just before the May monsoons deluged the Knavesmire.
Besides the seven-members another four has been put among the standbys.
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