put ahead

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put someone or something ahead

 (of someone or something)
1. to move or place someone or something in front of someone or something. The teacher put Freddie ahead of Mike, because Mike had been disrespectful. Don't put him ahead! I didn't do anything.
2. to think of someone or something as more important than someone or something. I put Gerry ahead of Betty as far as strength is concerned. Yes, I would put Gary ahead. She put herself ahead of everyone else and expected special treatment.
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It is not surprising that ordinary people are turning against Europe and its institutions when economic dogma is being put ahead of the wellbeing of its citizens.
After all, nothing is more important to our city's future than creating schools where student needs are put ahead of all other considerations.
s Banking Manifesto will put consumers at the heart of banks' business and ensure that good customer service is put ahead of short-term profit.
It's a long, straight stretch of road and the thing we have to put ahead of the rights of traffic is the safety of children.
The case is the latest involving the cash-strapped North Yorkshire and York Primary Care Trust, prompting complaints that financial considerations are being put ahead of patient care.
Tranmere had been put ahead by the head of 21-year-old striker Jason Koumas in the 58th minute.
I fell behind in school at an early age, and could never catch up, but kept getting put ahead anyway,'' he said.
The Party's treasury spokesman Mr Malcolm Bruce warned that Liberal Democrat MPs would vote against next year's Budget unless cutting NHS waiting lists and class sizes were put ahead of tax cuts.
Potential benefit to the club was put ahead of any personal consideration.
Ms Childers warned the health of the nation must be put ahead of profit.
Regulation coming out of the study would likely be designed to create uniform fiduciary standards to ensure that regardless of the intermediary, the rules apply evenly and the consumers' interest in each instance is put ahead of the intermediary's interest.
But the former Cardiff City striker insists he is staying put ahead of North Queensland's season opener against Sydney FC on August 8.
That has angered local residents, who claim financial considerations are being put ahead of their concerns over the impact of the development on the character of the area.
put ahead of the needs of the county's 10 million residents.
The rights of criminals must never be put ahead of law-abiding citizens.