put across

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put (oneself) across

To communicate and express oneself clearly and effectively, such that others can understand one's opinions, ideas, and what one is like on a personal level. Jared has a bit of social anxiety, so he has trouble putting himself across around other people he doesn't know. The most important thing when you are speaking in front of an audience to is make sure you put yourself across well.
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put someone across (in a good way)

 and get someone across (in a good way)
to present someone in a good way or a good light. I don't want Tom to make the speech. He doesn't put himself across well. I get myself across in situations like this. I'll do it.
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put something across (to someone)

 and get something across (to someone)
Fig. to make something clear to someone; to convince someone of something; to get a plan accepted. I don't know how to put this point across to my class. Can you help? Can you help me get this across?
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put across

1. Cause to be understood or accepted, as in She put her views across very well. [c. 1920]
2. Attain or carry through by deceit, as in You can't put anything across this teacher. [c. 1920] Also see put over, def. 3.
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put across

1. To place something so that it traverses something else: I put one leg across the other because it was more comfortable to sit that way.
2. To state or describe something clearly to others: The council put its views across during the hearing. The students will put across their opinions at the meeting.
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Matthew uses magic not only to entertain people, but to put across his clients' marketing message at trade shows.
I suppose what I'm trying to put across in a roundabout way is that, when running about town and faced with a queue in a shop, we have a certain expectation as to how long the person in front of us should take.
Folded into the broadside ideology propelled through this photo op, the minister put across an understated message: He wouldn't be staying long enough to bother checking his hat and coat.
The NTF view, confirmed by stable staff, was made forcibly to the BHB's Industry Committee last week and its two board nominees - chairman Rhydian Morgan-Jones and Lady Burnham - have been mandated to put across the committee view that compromise is not an option.
Kevin Ware, Heather Tietsort, and Shannon Mitchell put across her evocations of carnal hunger and betrayal with poise, precision, and great dramatic intensity.
to share this charmer: "I recently purchased a |sun shade' to put across the windshield in my car.
So according to this statement it is fine for a government minister to ask for the execution of this person but not OK for an independent person to put across his owns views about Islam without being threatened with death.
New Delhi, June 22 (ANI): Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Gopinath Munde on Wednesday ruled out quitting the party, saying that he has put across his "grievances" to the party top brass.
Police said the flat was hit by fire last November and would not comment on claims a bed had been put across the door of the room where the pair died.
YOU are always reading negative things about hospitals and the staff that work there but we would like to put across our positive feedback.
Clr Iredale said: "They're quick to put across their view that we don't listen.
Some 200 children have put across their views about the future of Sefton's coastal woodlands on www.