put a hold on

put a hold on (something)

1. To delay or postpone some state, activity, event, etc. We'll have to put a hold on completing the deal until these legal issues have been resolved. The president announced that he was putting a hold on the nomination for a new Supreme Court Justice.
2. To restrict the ability of something to function or be used fully, properly, or at all, especially as a punishment for something. They said they're putting a hold on my account because of discrepancies with some of my recent transactions. The FBI has put a hold on the suspect's passport so he can't flee the country.
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put a hold on something

to place restriction on something so that it is reserved, delayed, or inactivated. The bank put a hold on my credit card until I paid my bill. The committee agreed to put a hold on the troublesome piece of business.
See also: hold, on, put
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