put a damper on something

put a damper on (something)

To discourage, inhibit, or deter something; to make something less enjoyable, pleasant, or fun; to have a subduing or deadening effect on something. The foul weather really put a damper on our picnic yesterday. Without question, this tax scandal has put a damper on the senator's likelihood of being re-elected. The construction happening near our building has really put a damper on sales this month.
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put a damper on something


put a dampener on something

COMMON If someone or something puts a damper on a situation, they stop it being as successful or as enjoyable as it could be. Unseasonably cool weather has put a damper on many plans for the day. Rooney's injury put a dampener on a fine victory for his team on Saturday. Note: This expression may refer to either of two meanings of `damper'. In a piano, a damper is a device which presses the strings and stops their sound. In a chimney, a damper is a movable metal plate which controls the amount of air getting to the fire, and so controls how fiercely the fire burns.
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put a ˈdamper on something

(also put a ˈdampener on something) (informal) make an event, etc. less enjoyable or cheerful: The news of my father’s illness put a bit of a damper on the birthday celebrations.
A damper is a device in a piano that is used to reduce the level of the sound produced.
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put a damper on something

tv. to reduce the intensity of something, such as a problem. The death of the chief put a damper on the ceremony.
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