put (one) wise

put (one) wise

slang To tell one something that they do not know; to inform one about something of which they are ignorant. We need to put those freshmen wise—they can't keep coming into the senior hallway! Everyone thought that Jen had dumped me, but I was quick to put them wise!
See also: put, wise

put wise

Inform or enlighten someone, as in You'd better put Arthur wise about the protocol before he visits them. [Colloquial; early 1900s]
See also: put, wise

put someone wise

give someone important information. informal
1950 Graham Greene The Third Man He was a year older and knew the ropes. He put me wise to a lot of things.
See also: put, someone, wise

put somebody ˈwise (to something)

(informal) inform somebody about something: If Raquel hadn’t have put me wise, I would have believed him.
See also: put, somebody, wise
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