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pussyfoot around

Fig. to go about timidly and cautiously. (Alludes to a cat walking carefully.) Stop pussyfooting around! Get on with it! I wish that they would not pussyfoot around when there are tough decisions to be made.
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pussyfoot (around)

in. to behave in a very cautious manner; to (metaphorically) tread softly; to hedge or equivocate. Come on and say what you mean! Stop pussyfooting.
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Trillin therefore spares us the pussyfooting so familiar from people who say that they "went to college outside Boston," so as to make you drag out of them that they went to Harvard.
The rapists got away with it for so long not because of pussyfooting about race but because, as usual, working-class girls weren't valued.
Over 500 cats will be in competition for best of show, all pussyfooting around before 12 judges.
The papers are full of citizens calling on the authorities to "wake up" and stop pussyfooting with people who simply don't know what a peaceful rally is, who time and again have proven to be charlatans intent on promoting violence.
By the time they study, consult and pray, there won't be an Anglican Church of Canada left, by the time the donkey-years roll on and all the pussyfooting takes place.
Sarah Millican on becoming a comedienne "David Cameron must stop pussyfooting around and heed voters fed up with him on immigration and the EU.
Pussyfooting around will not change the habits of the lowlife who persist in making life unbearable for the hardworking people around them.
Install speed cameras now instead of pussyfooting around.
My answer is stop pussyfooting around and get tough.
The city council and Liverpool Vision should stop pussyfooting around and demand that a firm time frame is set for this site to be completely redeveloped.
Stop pussyfooting around, Mr Brown, and lefs have some action so that these people can get back to their normal way of life.
I'M sick of the Executive pussyfooting over free care for the elderly after numerous councils have mugged old folk by making them pay.
But the thing about America is there's no pussyfooting around when it comes to punishment.
It is high time this country stopped pussyfooting around with these thugs.
It gives the impression that the American soldiers are just pussyfooting around and getting themselves killed by the people they are trying to help.