pussyfoot (around)

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pussyfoot (around)

To behave in an overly cautious, timid, or non-committal manner. He had a chance to take over the business for himself if he hadn't kept pussyfooting around. All this pussyfooting is going to cost us our chance at closing the deal.
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pussyfoot around

Fig. to go about timidly and cautiously. (Alludes to a cat walking carefully.) Stop pussyfooting around! Get on with it! I wish that they would not pussyfoot around when there are tough decisions to be made.
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pussyfoot (around)

in. to behave in a very cautious manner; to (metaphorically) tread softly; to hedge or equivocate. Come on and say what you mean! Stop pussyfooting.
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"The Government has pussyfooted around the issue and said it is a local issue for headteachers - and this is where we have ended up as a result, with children kept off school.
"I have pussyfooted around with some of them because they are here and you need to get the best out of them.
Their half-back line is suspect and on top of that the Meath forwards pussyfooted around last weekend in a hugely annoying fashion.
That shameful incident was followed by weeks of teeth-gnashing and shouldhe-go-shouldn't-he-go debate, as the BBC pussyfooted around a clear-cut issue of gross misconduct.
And despite having said he couldn't wait for them to be thrown out of the competition he pussyfooted around it and they stayed.
Considering that most politicians, policy-makers, and vocal participants in the debate have either taken the opposite approach or have pussyfooted around the issue, this is a fascinating book.
New Labour pussyfooted around this issue, making the minimum of concessions to workers for fear of upsetting its "friends" in the business world.