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eat pussy

vulgar slang To perform cunnilingus on a woman.
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pussy out

rude slang To refuse or avoid doing something, especially something dangerous, because one feels apprehensive about it. The phrase is usually used mockingly. Come on, man, don't pussy out on me now! There's no way we'll get caught!
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cunt fart

and pussy fart
n. a vaginal fart, the sudden release of air—from the vagina—trapped on insertion of the penis during copulation. (Usually objectionable.) He heard a little cunt fart and started laughing so hard, he had to stop.
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pussy fart

See also: fart, pussy


and nookie and nooky
1. n. the female genitals; the vulva and vagina. (Usually objectionable.) He said he wanted to get into her pussy.
2. n. women considered as a receptacle for the penis. (Rude and derogatory.) Man, I gotta get me some nookie.

pussy pad

n. a extra seat on a motorcycle, behind the driver. (see also crack-rack.) Most expensive crotch-rockets have a pussy pad.
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mod. [of a male] dominated or controlled by a woman. Your trouble is that you’re pussy-whipped, Casper.


n. a skunk. Do I smell the faint perfume of a wood-pussy?
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On Monday, Peaches blasted Pete Doherty after he pulled out of an Ibiza Rocks gig at Bar M where the Trash Pussies were supporting him.
A LOT OF THE DUDES that work at the other skate mags are pussies.
I can't tell with any certainty if that's true, since I've encountered virtually tasteless pussies on the most voracious meat eaters as well as pungent birds on strict vegetarians.
Strong-smelling pussies can certainly be healthy ones, but a foul discharge down below could in fact be a sign that all is not well.
They call my friends and me pussies because we skate and because of the music we listen to.